Cell Group

Cell groups are small groups of people who meet together regularly to support each other and help each other grow in their relationships with God. Cell groups are a great place to meet people, introduce people to God and grow in your relationship with God.

Join a Cell Group

Mile End Community Church has several different cell groups that meet at different times and in different locations each week.  If you would like to join a cell group, contact us and ask for more information.

History of Cell Groups

The Christian church started as a cell group. Christ made a narrow choice of 12 disciples. Then he sent them out to minister in sub groups - two by two. More than likely, these groups of two became magnets, or pioneer groups, that attracted additional disciples. If the original 12 divided into 6 groups of 2, and each of these groups found and discipled 10 more, that makes six groups of 12; and it would account for the 72 disciples later designated and commissioned by Jesus (Luke 10.1). These also were then sent out... and so the church grew!


The Purpose of Cell Groups

Cell groups are designed to accomplish what cannot be accomplished by the church as a full congregation in its large - group setting. The goal of cell groups is to capture and grow the distinctive advantages that were present among cell groups in the ministry of Christ and in the early Christian church.

1. Discipleship

A way to help participants become mature followers and servants of Christ.

2. Outreach

A great opportunity to meet and include people who do not usually attend church.

3. Leadership

An opportunity to excercise gifts of ministry and to develop confidence in service.

4. Evangelism

An aid and incentive for leading people to Christ, as participants develop their gifts and become more attuned to faith and witness in everyday spheres of influence.

Here's the beautiful reality: Cell groups are God's chosen and preferred context in which the Holy Spirit will be poured out! The Spirit reached multitudes, but when we look at the context in which the Spirit arrived, we find it right there with small groups. See John 20.19-23; Acts 2.1-4.