Mile End Community Church is a community of people growing together in their relationships with God. The church operates as a community centre during the week and a place of worship on Saturday mornings.

Everyone is welcome. Come and join us for our workshops at 10am each Saturday or for our worship service at 11.15am.

Community groups, please contact us for bookings to use the facilities during the week.


Our Mission

What we're doing

Sharing Jesus Christ with everyone in ways that make sense, give meaning and offer hope...

Our Vision

What we're becoming

A Spirit-filled Christian community, that supports people, builds relationships, grows communities.


Growing in our Relationships with God


Talk to God.  Listen.  Share with Him thoughts, feelings, needs, concerns, regret.  Communicate with God in private, in small groups, and together as a church.  A strong prayer life contributes to deepening our relationship with Jesus.

Bible Study

If we listen carefully, God speaks to us through His word - in private reading and meditation and in discussion groups and hearing God's word preached.  As we respond to His word, we are changed.


Worship involves acknowledging who we are and who God is.  Through worship we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and God; we praise Him for who He is and what He has done; we celebrate the forgiveness He has offered us; and we acknowledge our weakness and need for God.  We worship God when we strive in everything we do to bring glory to Him.