Kids Church

'To nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus'



Mile end Community Church is a family-friendly church that values children's involvement in all kinds of ministries. Children are included in every area of worship service not only as spectators, but also as presenters.

During our designated Kids Church Programs, every child has an opportunity to participate in various areas of worship such as singing, announcements, praying, band, sound, computers, special items, creative expression, drama, offering, poems, readers theater, and many more!

Our programs are led by children and presented to our adult friends. These programs are special because everybody gets to participate on the same day.

Come and join us!


Kid’s Church was Awesome! was the response of the many children who participated in Kids Church on July 21st. Our main theme was ‘Friendship’ and every workshop reinforced how God has commanded us to be good friends with others. This was a follow up program to our Anti-Bullying Policy implementation at MECC and the response was great!

We started with songs and prayer. Then children were divided into age appropriate groups and then rotated over three workshops led by Nita, Rebecca and Girzie.

Pr Craig Vanas reminded us “The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them. And you are my friends if you do what I command you. This, then, is what I command you: love one another" John 15:13-14, 17.


Follow Me

"Kids church was fun. We listened to a story, played some games and made a craft. We learnt to follow Jesus"

"I had fun at Kids Church. I liked that I could do the craft about Jesus walking on the water. Thank you to Nicole for the craft.
Thank you that we could learn about Jesus and his disciples. I learnt the names of the 12 disciples. I can remember: Andrew, James, John, Peter, Thomas...and that's all. We also watched a movie where Jesus said, 'I will make you fishers of men'. I liked the movie. Thank you to Mitzy for putting it on."

"The Best thing I liked about Kids Church was the craft because I liked the colours, I like it when the grown ups show us how to do it.
I also liked learning what Jesus called his friends, Disciples.
Thank you for Kids Church!"


Our Mission

"To nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus"

We seek to fulfill this mission by developing:

  • Grace-oriented ministries, in which all children will experience the unconditional love of Jesus, find assurance of acceptance and forgiveness, and make a commitment to Him.
  • Inclusive ministries, in which the volunteers who minister and the children to whom they minister will be valued and involved regardless of race, color, language, gender, age, abilities, or socio-economic circumstances.
  • Leadership ministries, in which volunteers are empowered, trained, and equipped for effective ministry to children.
  • Service-oriented ministries, in which children are given opportunity for hands- on service to people in their neighborhood or city, thus, establish a pattern of outreach to others that may well continue through life.
  • Cooperative ministries, in which the department work with other ministries, such as family ministries, Sabbath School, stewardship, and others to further our shared goals.
  • Safe ministries, whereby our churches: a.) choose volunteers with high spiritual and moral backgrounds; and, b.) adopt safeguards to protect children from physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse and the church from liability.
  • Evangelistic ministries, in which children who are not enfolded in the church will be introduced to the love of Jesus through outreach programs such as: Kids Kingdom Workshops, Kids Church, Kids Club, Adventurers and Lifegroup Clubs, and Community Service Projects.

From 'The Children’s Ministries Coordinator by Department of Children’s Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists'.