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Craig vanas

Senior Pastor

Craig Vanas is the Senior Pastor for Mile End Community Church. His passion for sharing God's work is evident in every aspect of his ministry and his ability to genuinely care for people is a powerful testament to the spiritual commitment he has made. Craig is known for the innovative ways in which he speaks and presents the word of God and his ability to appeal to all ages. His experience in youth and children's ministries throughout his career is extensive, making him one of the few specialists in this field.


Over the last 5 years Craig pioneered the Greater Sydney Conference's program 'Home Grown' and was a key contributor to several of the new ideas and future initiatives developed at the Greater Sydney Conference.

At Mile End Community Church, Craig contributes insight and spiritual direction, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise from his history of leadership roles in Children's Ministries, a role he holds now, Chaplaincy across several of our Adventist Schools and prior to this, his years of music performance ministry with the Gospel Band, Endless Praise.

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