Pathfinder Registration 2022

This registration form is to be filled out per person.

I would like to join the Mile End Community Church Pathfinder Club
Have you been a Pathfinder before?
Please tick the classes you have completed
What classes do you wish to join?
Do you have a full uniform?
Any known medical condition
Allergies to
Anaphylaxis / Asthma
Any disability or impairment?
Level of swimming ability
To be completed by Parent / Guardian
I am willing to assist Mile End Pathfinder Club in (WWCC number is required)
Emergency Contact
I have read the requirements for membership in the Mile End Pathfinder Club and hereby certify that my child has reached the age of ten years and over. We are willing and desirous that he/she becomes a Pathfinder.
As parent/guardians, we understand that the Pathfinder Club Program is an active one for the applicant. It includes many opportunities for service, adventure and fun.
In the event of accident or illness, I also authorise the Club Director to consent any medical treatment by a licensed physician and/or surgeon. I agree to pay the appropriate fees for such and any ambulance or other emergency transportation costs, which may be required.
I agree to meet the expense of my child returned home by the director or leaders.
I give permission to use photos of my child for promoting and reporting purposes.
I agree for my child to attend Mile End Community Church Pathfinder Club activities on this understanding.
Registration Fee
I accept to paying the registration fee of

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